Homeopathic Laboratories Tools & Resources



For Practitioners

TX Options' extensive library provides a
variety of white papers on interviews

with Homeopaths, treatment and
al guides, and research
reports for practitioners to review. 





Featured Articles



Read through a variety of

articles about Homeopathy

and sports medicine, women's health, stress and sleep,

pain relief, and many other important health topics. 




Treatment Tactics

This section includes articles
from professionals in the

homeopathic community
who discuss various
treatment approaches. 
You are invited to comment
and discuss these articles in
comment boxes at the end
of every article.





Research Abstracts & Technical Bulletins

This section contains several Homeopathic & CAM Research studies as well as technical bulletins related to homeopathic quinine and the homeopathic treatment of sports injuries.




Our Frequently Asked Question section helps answer some of our most commonly asked questions regarding homeopathy.





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